Server Security

Our server management panel configures your server securely, manages updates, and installs a firewall.

Our focus is on a secure, lightweight control panel for developers and VPS owners to manage their own websites on their own servers. If you're a developer with your own servers hosting your websites, you'll love us. Built for speed, security, and simplicity, we provide the best hosting control panel experience for managing VPSes and dedicated servers.

Our features

  • configures and installs everything the server needs
  • centralized, SaaS control panel so you don't waste resources on your server
  • configures PHP websites and MySQL databases
  • offers server stats monitoring and application error monitoring
  • automates security updates and sets up a firewall

Automatic Package Updates

SaaS control panel automates daily updates of your Ubuntu server's installed .deb packages. This includes packages ServerPilot installs as well as any additional packages you install using the default Ubuntu repositories.

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