How to Migrate a website to ServerPilot Control Panel

These instructions show you how to migrate an existing website from a shared host to a server managed by ServerPilot. For example, you can use them to migrate a WordPress site to DigitalOcean. You can also use them to migrate an existing app in ServerPilot to a new server.

  1. Create a new app on the new server you have connected.
  2. Create a new database with the same name as your existing database. Make a note of the username and password.
  3. Copy the website's files to the app's web root directory ("public") on the new server.
  4. On the new server, update any of the app's files that reference the database credentials. You should change them to the new database's username/password you created above. In WordPress, you would edit the file "wp-config.php".
  5. Export the database from the old server using either mysqldump or phpMyAdmin.
  6. Import the data to the new server using either mysql's command line tool or through phpMyAdmin (see the tutorial for installing phpMyAdmin).